New version: 0.3.0

Just a little announcement to say that a new version is up! Version 0.3.0 includes some new features and bugfixes.

Improvements to the Ideas Challenge

  • No longer puts every chat message into the prompt pool, so now the audience can chat freely
  • Audience now needs to type "title ___" into chat in order to add a prompt
  • Audience can now type "starring ___" or "object ___" or "genre ___" to set constraints the ideas should adhere to
  • Audience can now type "love this" or "love that" or "love [number]" to declare their love for an idea! The favourite ideas will be listed during quiet moments and during the debrief phase

Note that the video instructions for the Ideas Challenge still refer to "any chat input will be added to the pool" - I've not had a chance to re-record these clips yet

Bugfixes in the Interview Challenge

  • Artholomew no longer freezes when he's supposed to loop an idle animation
  • Artholomew's final question no longer cuts straight to the ending before he finishes!

Usability in the End Credits

  • You can now press a button to fade out the applause during the credits screen, so you can debrief with your audience uninhibited.

Oh, did I mention Version 0.2.1?

The big feature in version 0.2.1 is Discord support! So now you can play with just your friends on a private Discord server, rather than performing for the public on Twitch.

Want to watch the most recent streams?

In the past two weeks I've done 5 performances on Twitch - one on each channel. You can watch them in these links:

Painting Challenge -

Reading Challenge -

Advertising Challenge -

Ideas Challenge -

Interview Challenge

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Mar 19, 2022

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