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A selection of interactive performances that you - yes, you! - can perform live on a Twitch stream. Each performance reads live input from Twitch chat, so the audience will directly impact the performance.

After doing the performances you are invited to an on-air interview with Artholomew himself, to discuss your artistic vision and the meaning at the heart of your creations.

Artholomew Video's Stream Challenge is intended to allow everyone to have a go at being a performance artist. Whether you're the streamer on-camera, or an audience member chiming in, everyone makes a meaningful contribution to the creation!

Taking Part: as a streamer

Download the game below and connect it to your Twitch stream simply by typing in your Twitch ID

Taking Part: as a viewer

The developer regularly broadcasts test sessions of existing challenges in the game, as well as new in-development challenges, on his Twitch channel

See upcoming broadcasts on the Artholomew Video website

Taking Part: in a Discord server

If you want to perform with friends but without opening your doors to the public, you can run the game in a Discord server. Download the game below and follow the instructions on the Artholomew Video website

Want to get a feel for what it's like?

Watch some of the test streams from the developer's Twitch channel, by looking in this archive


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