New challenges: Singing and Dancing!

The latest version of Artholomew Video's Stream Challenge is now out, and now contains three new unlockable challenges!


Dance to a selection of dance moves as submitted by your viewers! Each dance routine follows the format of classic school-disco dances like Superman by Black Lace, or the Cha Cha Slide - a sequence of actions to be repeated in rhythm. The audience can type in add followed by the name of their new dance move, and every time the music loops the latest actions will be added in!

See it in action:


Sing into your microphone while holding down the spacebar and the game will record the noises you make. It assigns each sound clip a number, and your audience can type in sequences of these numbers  to make loops. Go full a-capella, or bring in some instruments, or become an instrument yourself - make some noise and enjoy whatever soundscape gets created!

See it in action:


Perform a combination of all 6 challenges, switching from one to the other periodically! Choose how long you spend in each challenge, and decide whether the randomiser picks your next challenge for you, or if it picks the challenge that gets the most votes from your viewers.

How to unlock the challenges

Because the challenges are slightly more involved I've made them unlockable extras, activated when you finish your interview with Artholomew Video. However, if you want to do them right away you can press "Unlock Anyway" on the challenge-select screen and unlock them right away!

Beta features: what's next?

There's no introduction video or instructions videos for any of the new challenges. So this is next on my agenda for things to add!

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May 01, 2022

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