v0.9.2 - Post-EGX build

Hi everyone! Just to let you know I've put up a new version of The Book Ritual. 

The Book Ritual was at the EGX expo in Birmingham, UK, last weekend. Thank you so much to everyone who played it over the weekend or has downloaded since. Seeing it connect to people the way it did during EGX was absolutely heartwarming.

I also made a bunch of notes during the event, a large number of which have been addressed in this update. I'd love to hear what you think, so if you have any feedback feel free to send me an email: games@alistairaitcheson.com

  • New exhibition mode
    There were quite a few moments where I needed to be quite hands-on getting people set up with a book before they started. Now you can select "Exhibition Mode" from the opening menu and it'll bring you to a version of the menu system where the user doesn't need to choose any options.
  • Added author's name to user-input section 
    The book now asks for the name of the author as well as the name of the title. Unless the title-and-author combination is too long, the book will now refer to itself using both. This came from showing people the game and finding they responded better to the idea of defacing "Frank Herbert's Dune" rather than just "Dune". A minor detail is that the shredder still addresses the book by its title alone. It just sounded right like that
  • Can choose a non-USB shredder
    The default character for the book to talk to is now a normal office shredder. If you don't have one you can choose to play with a waste paper bin as before, or with "Shredward" which is what I call my custom shredder that I take to events, who can interact with the PC via a USB cable. Instructions on how to build a Shredward should come with future builds
  • Minor animation tweaks
    There were a couple of tiny things that were bugging me. Mainly, the characters could spawn on top of the "bin a page" animation. Characters now wait a half-second longer to spawn after one of these animations is on screen.

This should be the game fairly close to a release version now! Just to clarify my plans for release, I expect to release it as version 1.0 in the next few weeks, and it will continue to be completely free.

Happy shredding!


Version 0.9.2 for Windows 161 MB
Sep 30, 2018
Version 0.9.2 for Mac 164 MB
Sep 30, 2018

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