v0.9.4 - minor changes!

This one is just a tiny update which covers two little things:

  • First chapter has different text in Exhibition Mode
    (Before, because Exhibition Mode actually begins from Chapter 2, this version used to begin as if you were in the middle of a conversation!)
  • The videos in Exhibition Mode now render properly on Mac
    (They used to look like blank white squares!)

The next event for The Book Ritual is PLAY18 in Hamburg, where it's nominated for the Most Creative Game award (wow, what an honour!). I expect the feedback from that will inform what changes I want to make for the "finished" version 1.0.


(Beta) Version 0.9.4 for Windows 132 MB
Oct 22, 2018
(Beta) Version 0.9.4 for Mac 155 MB
Oct 22, 2018

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