A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An interactive art-piece played using a real-world book of your choice. 

Write in your book to tell it about yourself. Deface its pages in creativity exercises, so that your book can understand you. Tear out pages to keep the conversation going, as it reveals to you how it came to be and why it wants to know you.

The Book Ritual is about dealing with loss and accepting change. It is about coming to terms with decisions that can’t be undone, and the souvenirs which will lose their meaning to time.

Played at home on your own, you engage with the complete story as a personal experience. 

Played at an exhibition, the story is shared between everyone in the space. Each participant gets to experience different chapters, and the transformation of the book becomes a collaborative experience. It can be connected to a USB-connected shredder, so that the accumulating shredded paper becomes part of the installation itself.

Article: Why I made The Book Ritual

Nominee: Most Creative Game - PLAY 18, Hamburg
Official Selection: Leftfield Collection - EGX 2018, Birmingham
Official Selection: Alt-Ctrl GDC - Game Developers Conference 2019, San Francisco


Version 0.9.4 for Windows 132 MB
Version 0.9.4 for Mac 155 MB
Version 0.8.1 for Windows 122 MB
Version 0.8.1 for Mac 126 MB

Development log


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I've not made it very obvious - sorry! If you're using the shredder it is expecting to get a signal from a USB device (it expects to get a keypress of \ and | at the same time). I'm thinking to add instructions on how to build one before it's out of beta.

You probably want to start a new file and select "bin" at the beginning. Maybe I should make the bin default as most people aren't going to have a custom-built shredder 😅

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

Thank you so much.  I just kept skipping chapters.  Thank you. 

Thanks very much for asking :) It's really helpful!